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How can I add more garage spaces to my Dream Garage?

Is your Dream Garage full? Don't worry, you can keep all your cars. You just need to buy more garage spaces. To buy more spaces you just have to roll your mouse over the wrench button and select the option get more space. A box will pop up and you will get the option between buying four garage spaces and 2 paddock spaces (for racing cars).

How can I give a car as a gift?

All cars on the encyclopedia can be offered. You can give buddies the car of their dreams or prank them with a not so desirable car... You can access the encyclopedia by rolling the mouse over cars and then clicking on encyclopedia on the top menu of the website. Look for the car you want to offer and once on the car’s profile, click on give car.

How can I sell the cars on my dream garage?

You can sell the cars on your dream garage but you’re not paid full price for it. You receive half of the current buying value of the car. To sell a car on your dream garage, you need to press the small arrow on the car’s dream garage card and select sell this car.

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