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Can I send my favourite news to my friends?

Yes you can. If you think a friend of yours would like to read the news you just saw on Autoviva you can make life easier for him. Just click on the send button fill in your friend’s name and email to suggest that page. You can also add a message that will feature on the email your friend will be receiving with the link to the news you just suggested.

How can I leave a comment on a news article?

You want to give an opinion about an article you read on the news area? It’s simple. Just go to the article and below it click on the Post Comment button. You will be directed to the topic of that article in the Forum. Click on the reply button and write your comment. When you’re finished click on the submit button.

Wie bekomme ich mehr Vivas? Du kannst Vivas ganz einfach sammeln, indem du dich an der Kommunikation und Interaktion auf Autoviva beteiligst. Jedes Mal, wenn du ein Fahrzeugprofile hinzufügst, einen Wiki-Beitrag leistest, etwas kommentierst oder anders interagierst, erhöhst du deinen Vivas-Kontostand!