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Wo finde ich die Liste aller meiner Kleinanzeigen?

Du kannst deine Anzeigen in deinem persönlichen Mitgliedskonto verwalten. Wähle den Link "Benutzerkonto" aus dem Drop-Down-Menü am Rand rechts oben und gehe dann zu der Menüoption "Kleinanzeigen" am linken Rand. Unter dem Punkt "Meine Anzeigen" findest du alle von dir veröffentlichen Kleinanzeigen.

How can I keep track to of an ad?

Interested in an ad? Want to go back to it without having to make another search in order to find it? It’s simple. Just click on the button track this ad just above the photo of the ad. When you come back to Autoviva and the classifieds area just click on the tracked ads button just above the place your ad button.

How can I get feedback from my ad?

Each ad has a link and a form that allows visitor to get in touch with you. Registered users can send you a private message through contact vendor menu. Non-registered members have access to a form where they can insert their personal information and write a message. The messages are sent to your messaging section on your personal account and you will receive a notification on your e-mail, if you haven’t deactivated this tool.

Where can I manage my ads? You can manage your ads on your personal account. Click on the my account link on the top of the page and select classifieds on the right bar. Select my ads to have access to all your submitted ads.