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How can I see only my updates on My Profile?

When you’re navigating on your profile you get to see your latest activity and the one from your buddies. If you want you can check only your latest activity selecting under the menu overview the option just "username" (your username appears written).

Where can I find a list of all my buddies?

You can check all your friends in one glimpse. To view a list of all your buddies, simply click on friends on the left grey bar on your profile.

Where do I find my pending buddy invites?

An invite needs to be approved by the person who received it. You can check the status of your sent invites by checking the ones that are still pending. Once approved, users become your buddies. If refused, the invite is eliminated from your pending invites list. Access your personal account, by clicking on the my account link on the upper right corner of the page, and then select the network menu to find everything related with your buddies. Choose pending invites to view the complete list of all the invites that are still waiting to be approved.

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