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Italien Italien (1957 - 1980)


Moretti Motor Company was founded in 1925 by Giovanni Moretti in Turin, Italy. The company first manufactured  motorcycles  and during WWII electric and alternate fuel vehicles.  In 1946, Moretti turned to the  production of conventional cars using Fiat components. In 1957 the first Moretti 500 coupe, an elegant car with exclusive coachwork was shown at the Turin Motor Show, quickly followed by the Spider. The cars were manufactured in low volumes and in the 1980’s production ceased completely. Moretti’s participated in long-distance rallies and the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Some Moretti’s can still be seen in European motor shows. It is a rare car.
Moretti Motor Company
Herkunftsland:Italien Italien, 1957
Status:Geschlossen, 1980
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